Harley Credit!

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My wife and I went through a bad patch.I wasnt getting any hours from my place of employment.

Without a check for 5 weeks......I found another job. I had talked to Harley Credit and worked out a commitment with them, I was only 3 months behind. I had a commitment date of when I was going to make two payments with them. Low and behold.......I came home from work the other day and there were two gentlemen in my driveway waiting to take the bike.

When I had gotten ahold of Harley They said "yes sir we have that conversation on file".......Scratching my head I said ..."ok how much is it gonna take to get my bike back". She said Payoff! Well, it took my wife and I some time to come up with the money but, we did. Only to find out that I we now owe 700 bucks in repo fees......and then the storage place wants another 485 bucks!


Heaven forbid anyone else goes through a bad stretch.......YOU WILL BE IN MY AND MY WIFES SITUATION!!!!!!!!!Its all about the mighty dollar and who can bend you over the farthest till your empty!!!!

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